Monday, November 29, 2010

Robotics Monday: Sniepir

Name of Model: Sniepir
Created by: Shep (Tinkernology)
Found at:
Details: I've wondered for a while if it would be possible to control a Nerf gun with an NXT. After following the Make Magazine blog's arduino-based attempt (that's not even all the links, but you get the idea), I was relatively well convinced that it was too complicated, since it might require dismantling the Nerf gun itself. Not so! Today's model solves this problem with a simple cam assembly. That's before we mention the gargantuan - and yet still motorized - base, or the way this can be controlled by either a remote or NXT (done through Power Functions motors - a person can use the Power Functions IR remote, or the NXT will use a third-party IR component to control them). The video and links above fill in a few more interesting details. No word yet, though, on how you can get it to load more ammo.

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