Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NXT-based Roomba Replacement

Name of Model: Pulito – Featuring DFlex
Created by: Dave Astolfo at plastibots.com
Found at: http://www.plastibots.com/?p=1594
Details: Today's obligatory "cool LEGO robot everyone is talking about on the internet" is this NXT-based Roomba replacement. Although a good deal of custom electronics were involved to make it happen, I believe this is the first NXT-based robot capable of connecting itself to a recharging station (if you're unaware: only the education edition NXT kits come with the rechargeable battery by default, but you can buy the battery and charger separately through Shop at Home). A top-mounted dFlex sensor determines when it is as far as it can safely go under furniture. The expected differential drive and touch sensors are there too - for once I can actually say that the robot is very well documented by it's builder, so if you are interested in this (or want to build your own), please follow the links above to learn more.

The video I've featured above is just of the recharging action. A video of the "swiffering" can be seen on the site listed above.

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