Sunday, November 21, 2010

Miniland Ballerina Christmas Ornament

Name of Model: Miniland Ballerina Christmas Ornament
Created by: Model Gal(Mariann Asanuma)
Found at:
Details: Minifig neck brackets are clearly the best way to attach ballet slippers (plates with a tooth) to your ballerina ornament. I like the head technique even better - that's a black 1x2 Technic brick, connected to a Technic half pin, which is connected to the middle of a black round 2x2 plate. A few round 1x1 plates complete the look. The use of headlight bricks with 1x1 tiles to give her kneecaps is also pretty convincing.

As recently announced on her blog, her ornaments are for sale on Etsy. She has since built even more great ornaments.

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Brick said...

I like these simple models.