Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Look Inside the LEGO Idea House

Name of flickr photo set: LEGO© Museum, Billund, Denmark
Photos by: Klementina Kos
Found at:
Details: Tucked away in Billund, Denmark, somewhere around the current headquarters of the LEGO company, there's a house that was once lived in by the company's founder, Ole Kirk Christiansen. That house is currently the scene of a private museum known as the "LEGO Idea House". Although it is not generally open to the public, there are occasions when some LEGO fans are let in. Primarily a place for employees to look back at the history of the LEGO company, it also houses a variety of rare LEGO sets, prototype parts, unreleased creations from LEGO designers, and other interesting goodies. It's also been rumored (said in a recent book) that the basement is the "secret undisclosed location" of the vault where LEGO keeps (or at least attempts to keep) a copy of every set they've ever made. The secrecy related to some of the house's contents has made photos of the interior rare - for obvious reasons, photos of things like prototype elements are not something LEGO wants leaking out. The photo set I've linked to above is a peek inside some parts of the house where photography has been allowed (at least, I didn't catch anything that looked like something we're not allowed to see).

Brick Town Talk has covered the LEGO version of the house (it's been given out as part of some tours of the Idea House, so it's a very rare kit - I'm told that newer tours use different kits every time, so it won't be showing up again). If you're interested in getting in on one of these tours, check out the info on the official LEGO website.

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