Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Robotics Monday: Making A Custom Galvanic Skin Response Sensor

Name of Model: Galvanic Skin Response Sensor
Created by: Michael Gasperi
Found at:
Details: I'm generally not a big fan of custom sensors (or so-called "lie detectors", which are notoriously unreliable), but the simplicity of this project makes it stand out as the sort of homebrew electronics activity that pretty much anyone can handle. This custom sensor can be used with RCX or NXT (although I do recommend that you use other cables instead of cutting your LEGO 9V cables - it's relatively easy to connect other wires under a LEGO 9V connector, and LEGO will not be making any more 9V cables) - it takes advantage of the fact that raw resistance is trivial to measure using the LEGO hardware. Additionally, some extra activities that can be done with this custom sensor are suggested at the same webpage linked above.

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