Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Modular Manor

Name of Model: The-same-Manor-rebuilt
Created by: kevin8
Found at:
Details: kevin8 first built this local manor some time ago, but recently decided to retool it. The result is this little treat, which is full of hinged walls so that you can see the fully-furnished interior.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the publication. I'm Mauro Cavinato, the Afol who did the Manor. Actually it's named Battisti Manor, and it's a very unlucky one. Being built during the twenties it has never been finished, due to the lack of money of the first owners. When I first visited it, it was in a very horrible state, having been abandoned for about 20 years. The roof was falling down, and all the windows and doors had been smashed down by someone. At last it was bought by some people who began the reconstruction, but finally all the works have been stopped again because of the international economic crisis...

Regarding the MOC, It's been obviously built with Minifig scale in mind and the interiors have been rearranged following my ideas.

Thank you again!