Sunday, August 1, 2010

LEGO at Comic Con Round-Up

Name of Event: Comic Con
LEGO models created by: various people, with the bulk provided by the LEGO company
Found at:
Details: I've previously mentioned some of the Star Wars related news from this year's Comic Con, but that's just the beginning of the LEGO news there. As in years past, the event is loosely focused on comics, but other topics have found a home there - LEGO's role is primarily based on licensed kits and video games, but the print side of LEGO fandom has a presence there too.

"Model Gal" Mariann Asanuma is clearly winning covering Comic Con for LEGO fans:

San Diego Comic Con — Preview Night 2010
Comic Con 2010 Thursday and Friday
Comic Con Exclusive CubeDudes Review
Model Gal's flickr photos

Here's more LEGO-specific coverage of Comic Con on "teh intarwebs":
FBTB: Comic Con Recap
BrickJournal: LEGO Related Events at Comic Con
Joe Meno's flickr photos
statelyenglishmanor's flickr photos
hobbes3000's flickr photos

Feel free to send in your links to additional Comic Con coverage, but keep in mind that we're trying to keep this largely LEGO-related and not just plugging all the tech/game/comic coverage of the event.

Photo above taken by Mariann Asanuma of aspiring Model Builder Gabriel Cuevas, who created his LEGO Comic Con shirt by using a ThinkGeek brick baseplate t-shirt.

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