Thursday, August 26, 2010

Battleship Yamato

Name of Model: Battleship YAMATO 1/40
Created by: Jumpei Mitsui
Found at:
Details: Minifig-scale battleship, anyone? For the purposes of this model, minifig scale (a nebulous concept considering that minifigure proportions don't resemble the proportions of real people) is set to 1:40.

This is a recreation of the Japanese Battleship Yamato, a record-setting (in both weight and amount of weapons) vessel used during World War II. Even the LEGO version weighs in at a staggering 330 pounds (150 kilograms). At 6.6 meters (22 feet) long, this is the largest battleship ever made out of LEGO pieces, and it's likely to hold the record for some time to come.

Detail photos (and a video) can be found on the MOCpages page for this model.

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