Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Minifig-Scale Shell Gas Station

Name of Model: Shell station and tanker. Comments, questions e-mail
Created by: s-asbury
Found at:
Details: Over the years, LEGO has had several licensing deals (and sets based on them) with the Shell oil company. Inevitably, though, even when they did experiment with minifig-scale gas stations, nothing really met the level of complexity that we like to see in our custom built town layouts. Perhaps that's intentional - after all, once they give you the special elements, stickers, and printed parts specific to the Shell brand, nothing's stopping you from adding other parts from your own collection to expand the kit. Since this is LEGO we're talking about (and some of these kits were sold cheaply at gas stations as promotional items), that may have been their plan all along.

This model is a good combination of official Shell parts, a great gas station design, and custom decal work. The rare parts don't end with the Shell-specific elements, though. The refueling truck here makes use of the chrome elements from a 4 Juniors Tanker Truck set (which isn't exactly a set most people are interested in keeping around, thanks to the "juniorized" nature of the larger parts in it).

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