Monday, June 21, 2010

Robotics Monday: Power Functions Arm

Name of Model: PF Arm
Created by: Sariel
Found at:
Details: I've previously featured Sariel's first "hand" model, but he has now created a second one. This one makes use of the WeDo Educational Software. LEGO WeDo is only sold through the LEGO company's educational division (see, and is designed to work directly with the Power Functions motor system. A USB hub allows a computer to directly control two of the PF motors. Up to 3 hubs can be controlled with the off-the-shelf software, and 2 hubs were used for this particular model. One motor controls the pneumatic hand itself and the pneumatic compressor for that hand, using an autovalve. Two more motors are used for the turntables (one per turntable) to power the wrist and the base of the arm. The fourth motor controls the elevation of the hand through a linkage that does not tilt the hand. Software-wise, there's a task programmed for the arm and the ability to use the keyboard to control the motors individually.

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