Sunday, June 13, 2010

LUGNUTS' Kickin' It Oldschool Roundup

Name of Model: Oldsmobile
Created by: NK DeSign-er
Found at: Oldsmobile: Round-up:
Details: It's time for another LUGNut's round-up. This time, the challenge was to recreate a car manufactured before 1950 (hence the "Kickin' It Oldschool" title). As usual, there were many great entries, but my personal favorite is the Oldsmobile pictured above. While it's not based on an exact make/model/year of car, it's an evocative, distinctive design that gets the idea of curves down without actually using many curved elements. Better yet, it's an alternate model that can be made out of only the parts found in set 4939 Cool Cars.

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