Saturday, June 19, 2010


Name of Model: Containment
Created by: Tyler Clites (Legohaulic) and Nannan Zhang (Nannan Z.)
Found at:
Details: This epic model was built for Brickworld, which is going on right now and continues tomorrow in Chicago, Illinois. I'm afraid I've taken too long to post this for anyone to head over there during public hours today, but this (and hundreds of other fantastic LEGO models) will also be on display tomorrow (Sunday) from 10 AM to 3 PM. This model includes many interesting features, any one of which would have qualified as a blog-worthy on their own. Sand green soccer field plates are used sideways to create the walls of the buildings in the complex. One corner features a spectacular crashed spaceship diorama, curved nicely (probably with click hinges) and surrounded by a crater. An obscene amount of bricks with grooves on them make up- most of the track for a motorized monorail. Inside a few of the towers, there's a simple ball contraption - one tower brings Bionicle Zamor spheres up an elevator, and ramps bring the spheres back and forth. A carefully assembled scrap pile sits in front of a conveyor belt that looks like it's unloading pieces onto the pile (the belt is motorized, but the pieces are stuck to the belt). The buildings features large dark tan roadways connecting them, and elsewhere we see a Bionicle canister lid and two Pick-a-Brick cups used as part of the building. They also made up a storyline for the minifigures in this diorama, which is hinted at in "teaser" photos. There's also a video where you can see some of the motorized bits in action and hear the music from the iPod built into the base. Oh, did I even mention that this thing is in sand green and dark tan?

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