Friday, June 11, 2010

Baseball Star Mosaics

A little something different today - NPR recently featured the work of Wayne Peltz, an assistant clubhouse manager the Indians (baseball team) at Cleveland's Progressive Field. His mosaics use various mixes of colors - they're clearly meant to be more impressionistic than realistic. Still, it's interesting to see the hobby emerge in such an unexpected venue. There's a short interview and slideshow for this feature, but be aware that neither the builder nor NPR bothered to use the brand name correctly (what part of "they're LEGO bricks!" is so hard to understand?)

On a semi-related note, this seems like a good time to remind my readers of the LEGO company's Fair Play policy which explains the proper use of the word LEGO (among other policies the company uses to protect their trademarks). Although these aren't strictly enforced (there are, after all, bigger problems in the form of knock-off and counterfeit toys marketed illegitimately using LEGO's trademarks), it's a good idea to keep these guidelines in mind and not let things get out of hand (like, for example, when someone attempts to pretend "laygoes" is actually a word).

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