Monday, May 3, 2010

BrickMagic Coming This Weekend, Photos from Maker Faire NC

As I'm sure some of you have noticed, we've been a bit under the weather this week. We're still recovering from the festivities at Maker Faire NC, and we're gearing up for BrickMagic! If it weren't for the weather, we'd say this was actually a good time to be in North Carolina. In between trying to sort out my own MOCs and determine what I'm bringing to BrickMagic, I've also been reading Jonathan Bender's new book, LEGO: A Love Story - I was sent a review copy and I have every intention of finishing it before the book's launch event at BrickMagic. So far, I'm about 40 pages in and impressed with how he's woven information about the larger LEGO fan community into his own story - if he keeps this up for the rest of the book, it'll be a helpful and informal guidebook for newcomers to the hobby. I'll be writing a full review of the book for this blog sooner or later as well.

We've added photos of the festivities (LEGO and otherwise) at Maker Faire NC to the official Maker Faire NC flickr pool. The display went off well and there are even videos of some of my LEGO models in motion.

Look for coverage of BrickMagic to start dripping in near the end of the week. We're even still aiming to showcase a model each day during the convention as well (not to mention catching up on the days I've let slip recently - I meant to highlight those Maker Faire photos here on the day of the event!)

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