Saturday, April 24, 2010

Vintage Advertisements

Ad scans by: combomphotos
Found at: and
Here's more of a "moment of zen" for today - a pair of vintage LEGO advertisements. One is from 1964 and the other is from 1979 - fifteen years apart, and you can actually get an idea for how the possibilities were growing during that time from these ads. Both are from pretty meaningful events for the company - the 1964 advertisement is for the early town plan line (which still included road boards instead of baseplates and small die-cast vehicles that gave the sets a more traditional scale of 1:87, also known as "HO scale"), and the 1979 ad shows the early Technic line (then known as "Expert Builder"). The Technic sets would later become a much bigger deal, as we all know - and all of the vehicles we see in the early line have since been redone in many new and exciting ways.

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