Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Space Police Escort (Microscale SP1 Spaceship)

Name of Model: Space Police Escort
Created by: legoloverman
Found at:
Details: Here's another fantastic spaceship in the style of the original Space Police line. This is a pretty spectacular example of microscale building - many interesting details are achieved here by using minifig tools. Some pieces used cleverly to keep an eye out for: 4(!) Technic Hub / Handles in blue (a part/color combination that I don't believe was ever released in a set), 2 minifig binoculars, 2 minifig wrenches, 2 hose nozzles, 2 hinge brick tops, and 2 minifig hands. There are also some other clever parts uses in here too, with cheese slopes, that tilted cockpit, and studs-not-on-top parts hidden from view (probably this part in particular).


Stephen Sherman said...


Nice design. I like the articulating wings

There is a Custom Space Ships Group on Brick Collections, a new LEGO® community site.

and we would be delighted to have you join. Other members would be interested in your contributions.


Dan said...

I can't say I've been building many custom Space ships lately (not sure why - I've made quite a few over the years). I believe you're looking for legoloverman , who actually built this model.