Friday, April 2, 2010

April Fool's Roundup

Many LEGO fan sites decided to get in on April Fool's day antics this year. I even got in on the act by announcing an official "LMOTD Store". That was just a gag (I make a point to keep this blog separate from that store), but if you placed an order in that store on April first, you will in fact be receiving free LMOTD printed LEGO tiles with your order.

NXTStep got into the act by leaking NXT 3.0 info that is almost certainly false (although many of those ideas would be welcome in a future NXT release). - a popular website and forum for fans of classic LEGO Castle themes - decided to rename itself Classic Cattle. This is probably the most subtly brilliant April Fool's gag I've seen. The fact that it's completely believable and well-researched is a testament to how much effort went into it. I'm hoping they archive this somewhere so we can mention it as an example of "how it's done" in years to come.

YouTube had added a new feature called TEXTp which rendered videos in the form of ASCII art. At least one of the videos available this was was a BrickFilm. As of this writing, this prank seems to have been completely removed. If you know a way to cause this effect again, let me know.

EDIT April 5th, 2010: Forgot about the various EuroBricks jokes (a few readers called me on this) - the LEGO Tron theme gag, the Bionicle Visual Dictionary gag, and finally the Mandalorian Pride gag.

On the more "adult" (read: dimwitted and salacious - these posts are not recommended) side of things, The Brothers Brick claimed to have lost a member to drug use, granted a rare and scandalous interview, tried to convince us that a knock-off Hello Kitty line was legitimate, and claimed to be taking over the Star Wars / LEGO fan site From Bricks to Bothans.

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