Friday, February 26, 2010

Convertible "Supercar" with Low Transmission

Name of Model: Convertible old supercar, inspired by 250GTO, miura, 2000GT. Engine and gearbox placed side by side in the front of car. It s enable to have HOG axle in the center of frame, with no by pass. RWD, V10, Gearbox, steering wheel and convertible
Created by: nico71
Found at:
While there are many great "supercar" themed models out there, I thought this one was worth featuring because of a few of its fairly unique features. For one thing, this car is a convertible - you can see several shots of the linkages in motion. There's also an animated version of the action, which works flawlessly. Secondly, this car uses an interesting trick to control the transmission from underneath the specialized transmission gear components - allowing the vehicle to have the stick shift in an unusually low spot (which in turns allows the rest of the cabin to be fairly low to the ground). You can see in the undercarriage where the small liftarms connect to both the stick shift and the transmission. It's not a particularly complex technique, but I hadn't seen it before and it looks like a great idea.

Oh, and did I mention that this was a snazzy looking car with realistic opening doors (no gull-wing goofiness here!), front wheel steering, four wheel independent suspension, powered rear wheels, steering geared to the steering wheel and a separate knob, a V-10 motor, headlights, and studless body work? There's a reason we call these models "supercars" (and it's not entirely due to the legacy of set 8880).

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