Monday, January 11, 2010

Robotics Monday: LEGO Domino Dealer

Name of Model: Lego domino row building machine
Created by: Matthiaswandel
Found at:
Another toy building system I got into when I was little was Domino Rally. While that system doesn't seem to have caught on with the sort of longevity as most things I cover here, there are still plenty of people making similar domino runs and domino-based stunts. Of course, the "Domino Dealer" part of the Domino Rally system (as well as it's slightly more advanced counterpart which could stand up dominoes in simple patterns) is still an idea worth pursuing even for "real" wooden dominoes, but the issue then becomes finding a "dealer" that you can use with the dominoes you have on hand. Today's model uses an elegant LEGO Technic mechanism with a non-LEGO motor and power source to automate setting up straight rows of dominoes.

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