Saturday, January 23, 2010

Modulex Market Street and Cafe Corner

Name of Model: Modulex Modular Buildings
Created by: Brixe63
Found at:
I know I've blogged many models based on the Cafe Corner kit before (I'm also a contributor at Brick Town Talk, where we've previously featured today's models). These are different because they're actually really small - just 5/8ths the size of standard LEGO bricks. They are built with Modulex bricks, which the LEGO company manufactured for use in architectural models (they were not sold in venues where LEGO bricks are generally available). Building with Modulex is an interesting challenge - the part selection is radically different from what's available with standard parts, and even the colors aren't standard LEGO colors (although some of them are quite similar). In spite of all that, Brixe63 was able to successfully render these two popular LEGO kits (Market Street and Cafe Corner, both recently discontinued) in Modulex form.

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Anonymous said...

Do You know that the Modulex Brick is being prepared for a relaunch?
You can follow the progress on Facebook, Twitter and
If you have any question you are welcome to contact me.
Best regards
Thomas Bryde
Modulex Bricks A/S