Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Robotics Monday: Stewart Platform

Name of Model: Lego Stewart Platform
Created by: Shep (Tinkernology)
Found at: http://tinkernology.blogspot.com/2009/12/lego-stewart-platform.html
6 Power Functions motors (controlled through IR by an NXT) control 6 of the Linear Actuator element. Properly connected, they can work this "magic" - a sturdy platform that can be easily tilted or rotated from underneath. This is a clever bit of engineering, and visiting the website listed above will bring you to videos of both Shep's LEGO version and a non-LEGO version.


Unknown said...

how can i order it?

Dan said...

There's no way to order it - although LEGO Shop at Home can sell you the electronic elements needed for it, and the LEGO Education website can sell you the linear actuators. As for the other parts - you could try BrickLink, but some of the parts will be a bit expensive there.