Sunday, December 6, 2009

LEGO Kidsfest 2009

Name of Show: Kidfest 2009
Created by various
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Although no one informed me far enough in advance to announce it here or add info about it to the BrickJournal Shared Calendars (the main webpage for them appears to be down currently), there was a new show called LEGO Kidsfest two weeks ago. How an official show run by the company can go under the radar, I don't know, but we have photos from the event now.

Alfred jr's flickr photos
Kreativ Snail's flickr photos
Cale Leiphart's flickr photos
LEGO KidsFest 2009 Group Pool on flickr
cjedwards47's flickr photos
SMB Shutterbug's flickr photos

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Anonymous said...

User "SMB Shutterbug" also has a good photostream in the same pool too: