Monday, November 9, 2009

An Explanation (and two models)

A brief word to explain my absence this past week - I got sick and was unable to finish a LEGO project with a deadline on time. In the interest of getting that project finished and installed, I decided to let the blog slide. My new creation, which I suppose we should treat as this Tuesday's model of the day, can now be found on my personal projects blog. It will be on display at the LEGO store in Raleigh, NC through the end of the month.

I had not intended to let things get so far behind - in fact, there was a phenomenal YouTube video by superbird28 that I've been meaning to share in a "Robotics Monday" post for a few weeks now - but TechnicBricks covered it Sunday and exhausted everything left to be said about it (to be fair, we both found out about the video from the same source - Tinkernology - which is quickly becoming a must-read blog for Technic fans. It was just a matter of time before somebody pointed out how fantastic this was). Please check out those sites and consider it Monday's model of the day.

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