Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bright Light Orange Vic Viper

Name of Model: Vic Viper 2009
Created by: cjedwards47
Found at:
In the LEGO Space fan community, there is an annual trend known as "NoVVember". During NoVVember, LEGO fans are challenged to build Vic Vipers and add them to the Vic Viper Flickr pool. Since I try to avoid blogging too many similar items, we've pretty much ignored the Vic Viper craze here at LMOTD. However, this beauty - built with bright light orange as a main color, with a generous amount of clever techniques and Bionicle tricks - was too spectacular to not blog. This very distinctive masterpiece shows some great ways of combining fairly disparate elements (note how well the Bionicle screen element from a Keetongu set fits above one of the windshields introduced for the Speed Racer line (the exact color is from a Space Police kit)).
This is Saturday's model of the day

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