Monday, October 26, 2009

South Korea Shows the LEGO Community What it can do

Large Korean layout

South Korea known throughout for its technological advancement and general "modernity". Through a westerner's eyes like mine, the country does not appear to have a large presence of AFOLs. Asian population centres like Hong Kong and Japan have achieved far more publicity in the west for their accomplishments. These include building the worlds tallest LEGO tower and building a minifig scale model of the Beijing Olympic Village.

Having said all of that, I was taken aback by the display I found photographs of while browsing through Brickshelf today. If it was anywhere in the world it would be impressive, and my bias makes this wonderful display even more impressive. Lego ambassador Sung-wan Kim (of BrickInside) was involved in this display's construction, no doubt making the overall product even more superlative.

Overall, just a wonderful piece of work, and a testament to creativity. I barely described the display at all, I'll let you 'describe' it for yourself. So check out the Brickshelf gallery and prepare to be awed!

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