Thursday, October 8, 2009

Renegade Redcoat Rum Runners!

Name of Model: Renegade Redcoat Rum Runners!
Created by: Derfel Cadarn
Found at: Flickr
Derfel Cadarn brings us a splendid pirates creation, complete with copious amounts of vegetation, lots of bley, and every other component that great creations are made of.

The dock and the rock surrounded beach is my favorite part of the creation. I'm really liking the studs up water used here too, it shows that you don't have to use SNOT to get decent looking water, (talented builders [cough, cough] take note) sometimes tiles work just as well.

An impressive creation all around, a good deal of time and effort was put into this creation. None of that [effort] went to waste either, the resulting creation is a masterful piece of work.

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