Thursday, September 3, 2009

Update on James May's House

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I've previously mentioned James May's attempt to build a house out of LEGO bricks. As you can see from this photo, the house is starting to shape up. As you can also see, there's a wooden structure that the bricks are going around. My guess? There was probably some building safety laws on the books preventing this from being a pure attempt at building a life-size house out of LEGO elements. There are 11 more photos to check out in the flickr set mentioned above, and they reveal this to be a fairly strange multi-colored creation with more than a few elements that reek of "cheating". I think it's clear now that there will have to be another attempt at building a full-size house in order to determine if it truly is possible to do it without using other materials.

For a look at the front door and a similar opinion (I'm not crazy to feel let down about the wooden structure!), check out the update posted on Mariann Asanuma's blog earlier this week.

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