Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Custom Minifigure - with desk and wheelchair

Name of Model: Sigfig/Wheelchair Instructions
Created by: Bladewood
Found at:
A long-lasting craze among LEGO fans is trying to create yourself as a minifig. Known as a "sigfig", these characters often litter flickr to the point where it can be hard to find actual models alongside all of the lightly customized minifigs. It's pretty unusual for a sigfig to actually feature clever building techniques on its own, but this particular one does. As you can see in the vignette pictured to the left, Bladewood has designed a perfect minifig-scale wheelchair.

Yes, I know we just featured the Bionicle wheelchair a few weeks back, but trust me, this is spectacular in a completely different way. Check out the wheelchair's building instructions to see the exact parts and techniques used - it's a really clever design.

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