Saturday, August 22, 2009

We're at BrickFair!

Name of event: BrickFair 2009
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LEFT: WAMALTC setup on Thursday evening at BrickFair.

Brickapolis and I (Dan) are both at BrickFair for the weekend. Public hours have started for today, so we'll be a bit slow in getting photos of original creations online. Photos of the line this morning, and some of the insanity of the first two days are online at Brickapolis' flickr photostream. Highlights include set-up images, pictures of the lines at the LEGO Store and to get in to the public expo this morning, and images from Arthur Gugick's LEGO Architecture seminar on Thursday afternoon. At least, we hope they do - the 'net connection at the hotel seems a little on the slow side, so even though we're trying to upload all of the 400+ photos I took, only about 100 of them are live so far.

We both have bags of tiles to give away (about 100 remain as of this writing) - we're thrilled to finally have something to give back to the LEGO fan community thanks to the ads we run on this blog. To claim your LMOTD 2x2 tile, just find me (Dan) or Brickapolis and ask for one. We're handing these out like business cards, and as far as I know it's the only free LEGO parts available during the public days. Brickapolis' nametag has his flickr avatar on it to make it easier to find. My nametag just says "Dan" (without a last name) and I'm also one of several people walking around wearing one of the LEGO Model of the Day 2x2 tiles.

I'm sure you can understand why model coverage here is a bit off-kilter this weekend, but we're hoping that the enormous amount of photos of the convention will make up for it.

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