Sunday, August 16, 2009

First LEGO Experience Roadshow Photos

Following up on this weekend's announcement of a new LEGO truck show starting in the United States, here are some pictures of the show from the kickoff show mentioned in that announcement. It's a very interesting show - the emphasis on current kits on display as-is is a marked departure from previous shows, which included larger sculptural representation of current kits and characters instead. The bizarre layouts are a bit more kid-friendly, but really aren't up to par with what most fan-created LEGO shows can do. While we are in something of a dry time for fan shows (outside of this week's convention in Washington DC), you can always look up LEGO-related events at the BrickJournal Shared Calendar. We'll be adding more information about shows (both official and unofficial) the world over as we receive it. You can send us tips about LEGO shows in your area at - we'll announce them here on the blog and add them to the BrickJournal shared calendars (which are used by a variety of websites).

EDIT August 17th: I accidentally grabbed the wrong graphic when rushing to post this the other night. Since the flickr photo set was linked to the picture (and nothing else - something we usually try to avoid specifically for this reason), many visitors were unable to see any photos of the event. You can view the full set of photos at


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's a problem with my browser, but I'm not seeing ANY pictures with this blog post, or a link to any pictures of the event.

Am I missing something?

Lego Model of the Day said...

Sorry about that - looks like we originally grabbed the wrong URL for the image. You can click on the picture to see the rest of the photos.