Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another Blogger You Should Read

Ever since things have started getting slow here, I've been thinking a bit about the various other LEGO-related blogs out there that my readers may not know about. I hate to leave my readers in a lurch, and while no other site uses the same format as this one, there are quite a few other blogs by LEGO fans worth reading (particularly if you're an avid fan up for more than just one model per day). Yesterday's rush of moon-landing tributes brought out some nice blogging on all four blogs by this one blogging wunderkind I know of in the online LEGO fan community. The blogger I speak of is BrickTales, an admin at the Classic-Castle.com website and the author of MicroBricks (a microscale-themed blog), VignetteBricks (a minifig vignette-themed blog) , GodBricks (a blog on LEGO and religion), and MinilandBricks (a blog on the "Miniland" scale used at the LEGOLAND parks). All four are excellent niche blogs and certainly worth following - not to mention their uses as libraries of models in their particular themes. Bruce's writing is aimed at adults but generally all-ages friendly, and his surprising command of both LEGO and larger issues means even the potentially controversial subject matter of GodBricks is always handled in an intelligent, inclusive and inviting way.

For a sampling, check out these posts from yesterday about the moon landing:
Moon Mission (MicroBricks)
Happy Moonday (MinilandBricks)
From the Earth to the Moon (GodBricks)
One Small Vig For Man... (VignetteBricks)

...and yes, I just posted that instead of a model for today. It was worth it, though!

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Brick tales said...

Hey Dan,

Thanks for the nod; I really appreciate your kind words.

To all,

I'd really invite you to stop by GodBricks and leave some comments. My hope is that this blog might generate more discussion rather than just being a "here's another cool MOC" blog. I'm trying to update it about every third day, as these posts are longer and take some research (vs most of my posts on the other three blogs that are straightforward links to cool things in their themes).