Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cockpit Box

Name of Model: Cockpit Box
Created by: Nnenn
Found at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nnenn/3418787940/
Details: At first blush this model may not blow you away. But take some consideration and a second look. Nnenn, who is far and away a builder of starfighters, describes in notes on his post at Flickr what he's up to. The image below represents a concept to aid of builders of starships, or just about anything else for that matter. If you have an initial template, a framework to start with, in this case a "Cockpit box," it gives you a good starting point from which to (pun intended) build on.

Often builders might have an idea of what they want to build, but don't know where to start. But if you start with a template like this Cockpit Box, it gets your fingers moving, gives your mind a minute to warm up while you snap things together, and then it's a lot easier to start creatively figuring out what to add on to the rest of it. Do you typically start by building a wing? Work on a nose. Do you generally start with finishing off the cockpit? Derive an unusual landing mechanism, or a new prototype weapon.

Even before publishing this Cockpit Box concept, Nnenn has proven that there are an infinite number of ways to build a fascinating LEGO starfighter. Take a look at his long list of existing starfighters and other assorted space-themed stuff. You probably won't get to where he is overnight, but now he's offered you a little extra help in getting there. Why not take advantage of it? Go build yourself a starfighter. :)

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