Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Duckingham Drops In

Hello fellow FLMOTD readers!

When Dan sent out his plea for help I was eager to volunteer. I am a 30-something life-long lover of LEGO and have recently begun making an extended effort to get involved in the online LEGO community. I have a beautiful, supporting wife and 4 kids ages 1–7, who each have a particular fascination with the plastic brick (okay, so my 1-year old just likes sticking them in her mouth ;D )

I've been developing a side business as a LEGO freelance artist as evidenced by my creations on my personal site Duckingham Design, but my day job is as a webmaster. I like to think of both jobs as excuses to play. :)

I love to look at, learn from, and comment on what other people are building, and have been looking for an outlet to do so without creating confusion on my own site by mixing my stuff with everyone else's. I appreciate Dan for giving me the opportunity to help keep FLMOTD continue to be that daily dose we've all come to love and appreciate!

For the curious, here's a taste of some of my personal projects:

LEGO Darth Maul Portrait Mosaic by Duckingham Design
LEGO Green Eggs and Ham Sculpture by Duckingham Design
A Wicked Smile LEGO Mosaic by Duckingham Design
A LEGO Chocolate Chip Cookie Sculpture by Duckingham Design

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