Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Casino de Montréal in Lego Form

Name of Model: Casino
Created by:luclego (89582)
Found at:
Details: Casino with angled wallsThis very modern-looking casino gives a good example of how to use hinges to tilt walls in every direction. The heavy use of tiles and slopes gives it a very unique effect (and certainly makes it a very distinct casino).

EDIT March 6th, 2009: The builder has explained in the comments that this model is based on the Casino de Montréal.

This is Tuesday's model of the day - and I have no idea why it wasn't up before now (10:56 PM EST on Wednesday). Something seems to be messing up when I try to publish posts today. With any luck this won't drag down the next few days.

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Luc De Caen said...

That casino actually exist !It's the Montréal casino. I made it from pictures I took on the net.
Thank's for the good comments !