Friday, March 27, 2009

Calamari Calamity!

Name of Model: Calamari Calamity!
Created by: 2 Much Caffeine
Found at:

2 Much Caffeine has so many things here that are working well that at first its easy to overlook the fact that this is a LEGO creation.

The scene is laid out well and the humor (or is it horror? ;D) is immediately evident.

The squid's eye stands out as a well done technique along with the whole scale of the tentacled beast. I like the minifig legs sticking up out of the water as well as the guys hanging on to the boat for dear life! 2 Much Caffeine has a nice use of white and green tiles to represent where the ripples are. Another technique that he's handled well here is angling the chest and box to get across the idea that these things are bobbing around in the ocean.

One last thing to note: it's not visible in this picture, but if you check out his other pics you'll see good use of a technique for finishing off the bottom of what is otherwise a flat boat. Very nice indeed!

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Rod Gillies said...

Hello! Just saw your feature of this, thanks very much. This is my first pirate build, for the "Whale of a Tale" contest, and I'm quite pleased with how it came out. your positive comments are much appreciated.