Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa's Sleigh and Reindeer - Minifig scale!

Name of Model: Santa's Sleigh
Created by: Vincent Pace
Found at: and

Sorry I don't have a cleaner link to use here (it looks like eBay really is the best link, and I know they pull down their listings periodically), but this is truly the best Santa-and-reindeer model I've seen in LEGO form. For quite some time now, there's been widespread criticism of LEGO's official Santa-related sets. They're yet to manufacture a full sized sled or anything with an even remotely realistic reindeer. Part of the problem is that good reindeer are hard to build - you can probably spot a few clever techniques in these reindeer, not to mention a few rare parts (say what you will about tan as a color choice, but switching to any sort of brown would make building reindeer even more of a challenge - LEGO doesn't make all the parts in all the colors). Of course, the finishing touches are the gifts in the sleigh and the little red "nose" on Rudolph.

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Vincent said...

Hey, Vincent the designer here, and thanks for the post!

You're exactly right about the color choice. I had initially begun designing it with brown, going with the Rankin-Bass reindeer look, but one of the pieces I wanted wasn't available in brown, although I can't recall which. I was initially reluctant about using tan, but since the reindeer in The Polar Express are tan, and the sled was inspired by that in The Polar Express, I figured what the heck.