Monday, December 8, 2008

A Few Links

I won't be making a proper model pick today, but here are a few links worth having a look at:
Joe Meno's photos from the Mindstorms Anniversary Event - if you've been following LEGO for a while, you probably know that the first robotics kit released to the general public came out a little over 10 years ago. Of course, while a few other sets were released by LEGO for the line, many hobbyist-created tools and books became much more well known. It was a lot of fun looking through these photos and seeing that they recognize some of the fan-created works - and don't miss the early prototypes of both 2006's LEGO® MINDSTORMS NXT system or the early pre-RCX programmable bricks designed by MIT.

Of course, a true retrospective of computer-enhanced LEGO models would point out that the LOGO-based educational programs were around in the mid-1980's, but this event was really a commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the commercial robotics line (known as Mindstorms).

Also, don't forget to check the BrickJournal calendar for events in your area - lots of groups are doing loosely Christmas-themed displays right now. We've been adding many new events to the calendar, including open-to-the-public displays in Canada, England, Phillipines, Australia, Indonesia, and the USA.

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