Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This Will Take Longer Than Expected...

It's been a rough week over here and next week is expected to be busy too. Instead of working on this site, I've been in bed trying to sleep off some obnoxious sickness I picked up this past weekend. My laptop's in the shop still as well, so even when I have had a little time to spare, I haven't been able to use it for blogging.

I did make it to two LEGO Users Group Meetings last week - both of which I ended up being at longer than I planned on. On Thursday night, I made it to a large dinner meeting Joe Meno put together for NCLUG (Joe's not actually in Raleigh often these days, so sometimes he'll call an impromptu NCLUG meeting just to show off exciting things he's picked up in his BrickJournal-related travels). It was an exciting night, and it got to be a bit surreal by the end - at one point it was after midnight and me, ParLUGment LEGO Ambassador Doug Eaton, Brick Engraver Tommy Armstrong, and BrickJournal Editor Joe Meno were still talking about LEGO colors, the manufacturing process, LEGOLAND was great fun but definitely kept me out a bit late. So much for the "don't worry about the time - you have to eat, right?" defense.

On Saturday and Sunday, I had been planning on working ahead to loosen up my schedule this week, but I started feeling ill and I slept through most of the time I was hoping to use. As if sinus-related sickness wasn't gross/painful enough, I had a shaving accident on Saturday that just exacerbated the situation.

I thought I was getting better on Sunday afternoon, though, and I made it to the regular NCLUG meeting (where I even showed off some new creations of my own) and had a great time - Mike Walsh brought along some of the older idea books and the parts that the LEGO company originally suggested for the Hobby Train kit (Mike Walsh was on the "Ultimate Train Builders" team that helped put together LEGO's Hobby Train set - and yes, we really do have this many celebrities of the LEGO fan community here in North Carolina). I hope to post some photos of everything soon, but I just don't have the time right now and I don't even know what photos I really have (I was running to the bathroom every half-hour or so all day).

I've been very tired and behind for most of the week - just going day-to-day and trying not to miss any deadlines on the "real" work. I don't think I'll have time to write up any of the upcoming events (or finish any posts beyond October first's) now - I barely have time to type this up. I'm going to avoid putting any date on when I'll be able to start up here again - but with any luck it won't be too long.

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