Monday, September 1, 2008

The New Format

I'm not sure if we're going to be featuring models this week (I'll start as soon as I can), but I believe I have settled on a new format.

Many a daily TV show or radio show has gone with doing new episodes just 4 times a week - Monday through Thursday. I'm planning on trying out that pace to see if it's more manageable.

A few things this means:
  • No Sunday edition - I've been using larger galleries from events on most Sundays to do a "Sunday edition" like a newspaper would. I'm going to start just mixing these in throughout the week.

  • News posts will count as models - I know it's cheating, but it should help me to find the time to post something each day I should

  • Robotics Monday will now be more intermittent - I'll blog a robot on Monday if there's one that caught my eye in the past week, but I'm no longer making it a hard-and-fast rule that I must have a robot featured every Monday

  • Expect to not see two models at the same scale within a week - 7 days a week is often enough to mix minifigs, microscale, sculptures, Technic/Scala/Belville scale models, Bionicle people, and even Jack Stone things in a way that allows for multiple minifig-scale models in a week without becoming a minifig-scale-only site. I figure I'll now only feature minifig-scale models once per week. This should also help with the issue of overlap for the people who read this blog and some of the other LEGO blogs out there (of course, cutting back on robotics models will help there too - I don't think people realize how big LEGO Mindstorms is with people who don't generally follow LEGO).

I'm hoping to try out some polls soon as well, to get a better feel for what direction people would like to see this site go in.

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James said...

Have you considered guest writers for the weekends?