Tuesday, July 15, 2008

HKLUG's Olympic-Theme Layout

Over at http://www.hklug.hk/blog/?p=21 (the Hong Kong LEGO Users Group blog), there's some great info on their new Olympics-themed layout. There are also more photos in their Brickshelf gallery and on FlickR. Last time someone told me about the Hong Kong group, I was assuming that they really meant the Malaysian group - but no, these guys are a different group and very awesome too. There are lots of great techniques in this layout too. It'll be on display at the Grand Century Place in Mongkok, Kowloon through August 31st.
This is Sunday's model of the day. Don't ask me where Friday and Saturday went.


Anonymous said...

Would be great not to copy models from others.

Lego Model of the Day said...

I see the similarities, but you can't really copyright a technique. This actually isn't the first building I've noticed being copied (there was a custom modular house that I featured a few months back that's since appeared on featured layouts on two seperate continents - and this was more of an exact copy).

I know I've similarly "stolen" a few ideas along the way. When you're working within such a narrow style as that one, it can be hard not to copy good ideas (and things only get worse if people know you're using parts from a certain set).

...besides, imitation, as they say, is the sincerist form of flattery.

In any case, the Greek part of the layout isn't as exciting as the reproductions of China's Olympic facilities.