Monday, June 30, 2008

Shop-at-Home Sales!

I hope nobody minds if this blog looks a little astro-turfy this week, but between summer clearance sales in various places and the exciting new sets coming out, I really want to write about stuff you can buy more than about models right now.

For example, The Official LEGO Shop at Home website just posted an enourmous sale. Act now, all these things will sell out very soon. The 9V train parts are the show-stopper for me, but there are also some great TECHNIC, DUPLO, Mars Mission, Aquaraiders II, Castle, Belville, Bionicle, Star Wars, Factory Space, books, keychains, and gear sales.

I want to post this as soon as possible so everyone can take advantage of this, but I'll be editing this post with specific highlights shortly.

...and I know a few of the new sets will be featured as model-of-the-day items during this week too.

The links below are highlights that are still available as of this writing. The links only work in the US, but I believe the prices are similarly discounted in other countries.

9V parts to stock up on:

Speed Regulator for 9v Trains

9V Train Motor

Curved Rails for 9v Trains

Boeing 787 Dreamliner (MORE than half off):

Star Wars deals:

Imperial Star Destroyer�

Death Star II�

Train Connection Wire for 9v Trains

Straight Rails for 9v Trains

Cross Track for 9v Trains

RC track bargain:

Train Rail Crossing for RC Trains

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