Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Indiana Jones Movie Parody

Yes, I know I'm getting caught without a real model to blog about today. I'm hoping to find a model-of-the-day for today sometime this evening - the only hold-up is that I need to find something bizarre so that I can follow my own made-up rules on featuring a variety of models.

You know what is really awesome and totally worth using this excuse to feature, though? The new Indiana Jones LEGO parody, called "Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Brick". You can see it (along with some clips from the real movies, and some entertaining trailers for the current LEGO sets and video game) at http://indianajones.lego.com/en-US/default.aspx . It's worthwhile even if you're not familiar with the films - it's just brilliant and hilarious in general. Flash is required, but it worked with my older version of the Flash plug-in, so you'll probably be able to watch the clip if you've been able to see the YouTube clips I've posted here in the past.


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