Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Amsterdam's Cafe De Kroon

Name of Model: Amsterdam - Cafe De Kroon - original design by Gerrit van Arkel - built in 1898 - built in january 2008 by Patrick Bosman
Created by: Patrick Bosman
Found at:
If you've been reading LMOTD for a while, you've probably figured out that I really love the modular house style of city building. However, that's not the only amazing type of building being erected by adult LEGO fans today. This amazing reproduction of a real Cafe in Amsterdam turns things around by building diagonally across the baseplate. The front half is used for exterior details, while the back half shows off the completely furnished (and occupied!) interior. All of the flashiness would be for nought if the building wasn't up to par, but this building is also to the same scale (albeit a large building to start with) and is at the same high level of detail as those modular buildings I keep blogging about. Spiky hair shrubbery, sailboat sail holder signs, intricate windows (including some with curvature), a lasso lamppost, Technic axle columns...this is just a masterpiece, with a wide variety of amazing details and techniques. There are only 12 photos - and they're all worth letting carefully soak in. Then you come to the thirteenth photo - a picture of the inspiration for this - and realize that it's not just a great model, but a spot-on reproduction of the original building, too.

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