Saturday, May 24, 2008

Super Mario Mosaic

Name of Model: Super Mario LEGO Mosaic
Created by: Dave at
Found at:
There's a new mosaic up at BrickPlayer - and this time it's of video game protagonist Mario. Mario is shown flying in his "super" state. Of course, the theme is cool, and the technical detail of the good resolution in here on just a 15-inch square (48 studs square) baseplate is great too. I'm still back on those colors, though - a great example of how newer colors open up many new possibilities. Look at those tan and medium blue bricks! They're almost an exact match for the game - I think. I'm pretty sure that instead of buying Super Mario Bros in color for my Gameboy, I bought another LEGO set. This mosaic was also partially based on a cross-stitch pattern available at - and there are few other Marios on that site too.

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