Friday, May 16, 2008

The Mega Core Magnetizer in Other Themes

Name of Models: 6989 Mtron Mega Core Magnetizer. Who loves this set from 1990. I DO. Here are versions of this renouned set built up as Classic Space, Blacktron 1, Blacktron 2, Space Police 2, Ice Planet 2002, Futuron and of course the original.
Created by: bdarrow
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Going back to yesterday's rant, magnets and the "M:Tron - The Power of Magnets" space line are awesome. You know what else is pretty awesome, though? Other official Space lines. I mentioned my love of the "Ice Planet 2002" sets yesterday, but actually, most adult LEGO® fans are a bit older than me, and as such remember how great the "Futuron", "Blacktron", and classic Space sets were. Of course, there were also a few more great lines out when I was little, too - the second generation of Blacktron and the second generation of Space Police (the first Space Police line came out in 1989 and was promptly forgotten). Ever wonder what would happen, though, if the Mega Core Magnetizer was made in all of these popular lines? Well, you'd end up with a set of vehicles like this (not to mention more magnets than an entire train layout). All six of the original color combinations look great, and of course, we already knew that the set proper was amazing. Personally, I had no clue the that large translucent panel was made in so many colors. All of these color schemes came out well, and there are even a few nice surprises in there where other parts from the various Space lines were worked in.

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