Sunday, May 11, 2008

Flower Bouquet

Name of Model: Flower Bouquet for a raffle
Created by: dh34154
Found at:
Happy Mother's Day! Surprisingly, there aren't all that many good Mother's Day themed models out there. Here's a reasonably-scaled bouquet of flowers (and flowers always make a great gift). The vase they're in is a Pick-a-Brick cup. The design itself is pretty simple and doesn't look too sturdy, but it is an excellent likeness of flowers. Of course, finding enough 1x1 round green bricks and 1x2x3 inverted slopes to build these yourself could be a bit difficult, but you could probably try out some other ideas for flower-building too.


Deborah Holt said...

any chance you might be willing to share the exact pieces (and how many) you used to create the bouquet? My son would like to build one.
Thanks for your consideration.

Dan said...

I don't know how to contact the builder, but here's what I see here:

Each flower is built with ~20 green 1x1 round bricks (these might have some other piece going down the middle to keep them sturdy). Then there's a "bamboo leaf" element - it looks like most of these are on the top, but you can put them wherever you want on the stem.

Above that, there are 2 criss-crossed green 1x3 plates. On top of that, put a lever in the center and 1x2x3 inverted slopes on the remaining visible studs. You'll want 4 1x2 slopes in a matching color to put on top of the 1x2x3 inverted slopes.

Do that again for each flower you want (or, alternatively, mix in a few of your own design - the person who built these apparently wanted them all to be the same). I come up with roughly 32 pieces per flower if you stick with the design featured here.

Sourcing these parts (particularly the 1x2x3 inverted slopes and the green 1x1 round bricks) might be difficult - you'll probably want to try online Pick-A-Brick on the LEGO website, or you could try (where a large number of LEGO hobbyists buy and sell parts and other LEGO paraphernalia).

Deborah Holt said...

Hi Dan -
Thanks so much for the detailed description of the pieces. I greatly appreciate your help!