Friday, May 2, 2008

Cave Racer: Sea Turtle's Mate

Name of Model: Cave Racer: Sea Turtle's Mate
Created by: Shadow Viking
Found at:
While I was away last week, a new building craze based on cave racers set in. Cave racers are underground race vehicles that apparently have no relation to the official Rock Raiders theme. A more thorough discussion of the origins of the Cave Racers can be found on flickr. My "don't post the same theme twice within the same week if you can avoid it" rule means that it could be quite a while before I get properly caught up on the theme, but you can check out the Cave Racers pool on flickr for more fun in the same theme. Personally, I like the color scheme and clever engine on this one. These are all a bit small, so it can be a bit hard to really do something distinctive (I doubt many of these top 50 pieces). There are, of course, a variety of other surprising, clever, and colorful models in the pool too, but you only get one a day here - unless you click the pool link, in which case, there goes 200 photos and more of your Friday than you want to admit.

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