Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ice Ionizer (Spaceship based on early-90s themes)

Name of Model: Ice Ionizer – Ice Planet MOD of M:Tron Particle Ionizer
Created by: Ronan Dragonov
Found at:

This is an interesting mix of too "classic" space themes - it's a model from the 1990 M:Tron line redone with the colors and pieces from the 1993 Ice Planet 2002 line. Oh sure, the 90s don't really count as Classic Space (which most people agree ended in 1986), but in these days of only Star Wars and silly "Martian" themed lines, everything before 1997 suddenly looks really good. I'm not sure if this really counts as an original model, but if it helps on that front, a few minor changes were made to make the older design translate to the slightly newer parts. Peeron has some info on the original for those of you who are unfamiliar with it (by which, of course, I mean those of you who hadn't been born yet. We know that those of you who were alive at the time still have the catalog). My only complaint is that we don't have a photo of the Ice Planet version from the same angle as the box art of the M:Tron version.
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