Thursday, March 13, 2008

Steampunk Organ (and Contest Info)

Name of Model: Steam Organ
Created by:
Found at: Contest at:
This detailed steampunk-styled organ was made for a contest being held by the website Reasonably Clever. The contest is challenge to get people to build steampunk-themed models that use 50 or fewer pieces. The contest ends on March 15th at midnight EST, and more models entered into the contest can be seen at the "Contest at" link above. This particular model has an interesting back story and a few nifty techniques. Click-hinge parts and minifig legs flesh out the sides of the organ. I'm digging the use of small white tiles and a 1x4 cockpit component for piano-style keys too - it's a bit impressionistic but a great way of getting the right effect at that scale.
This is Tuesday's model of the day

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