Monday, March 10, 2008

MALUG Town Layout

Name of Model: Duna Plaza Layout
Created by: MALUG members brob, Tibicsoki, Akos, GP, Gyurma77 and Matyo
Found at:
The Magyar LEGO® Users Group (MALUG) put together this fantastic layout for the Duna Plaza in Budapest, Hungary. It's on display for the rest of March. There are a dozens of photos at the link above, but every one has another surprising detail to be seen - it's one of the most complete cities I've ever heard about. There are quite a few smaller sections that would have justified entries of their own here - I'd mention some standouts but I'd surely insult something amazing by forgetting to mention it.

This being a good model for a Sunday, I had picked it out to be Sunday's model of the day, but I was having trouble finding details about where it was and if it was on public display - however, while I was off doing other things, Brick Town Talk found this city and got info from one of the builders about where it is and such. I'm sorry for the delay, but it was worth it to make sure that the builders get proper credit.

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Akos said...

Thanks for selecting our humble layout as LMotD. Greetings from Hungary!